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Sherco Bar Mounts risers

Fat Bars, they're all the rage. No really, with the new oversize tapered bars becoming the norm on the MX and offroad bikes, several manufacturers are now offering a tapered bar for the trials bikes. We offer several different bar mounts to fit the oversize bars on your trials bike. We have the angled Montesa style mounts as well as our basic vertical mounts to fit the Gas Gas and our own V-Mar tripleclamps. We offer the basic bar mount in two different heights, standard and 15mm taller. All the bar mounts come with new hardware.

To give you maximum flexibility in your bar position have offer 10mm and 15mm risers to raise the mounting position of the standard mounts. The risers come complete with new longer hardware.

Bar mount risers are now avail to raise up your stock Sherco fat bar mounts. (Black only)

Barmounts are avail with black, red, gold or clear anodized finish.

Note: You can use the risers with your original Gas Gas bar mounts, they just won't match the exact shape of the mount like they do with ours.

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